Note: This movie universe is entirely fictional from all official canon from both the real Lucasfilm and Disney corporations

The Star Wars Cinematic Universe is a long running series of feature films centred on the Star Wars Universe, first introduced by George Lucas in 1977 with the release of Star Wars. Two sequels were released, in 1980 and 1983, named The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi respectively.

Old Republic Trilogy

Featurefilm Featurefilm ShroudoftheSith
Untitled episode Untitled Episode Star Wars: Shroud of the Sith

Clone Wars Series

Age of the Jedi Attackoftheclones NightsistersASWS
Star Wars: Age of the Jedi Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Nightsisters: A Star Wars Story
Revengeofthesith Featurefilm Featurefilm
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Untitled film Untitled film

Imperial Saga

SoloPoster KenobiASWS LandoStarWars
Solo: A Star Wars Story Kenobi: A Star Wars Story Lando: A Star Wars Story
Featurefilm FirstWaveASWS SkyhookASWS
Untitled episode First Wave: A Star Wars Story Skyhook: A Star Wars Story

Original trilogy

StarWarsNewHope ProtocolASWS EmpireStrikesBack
Star Wars: A New Hope Protocol: A Star Wars Story Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
RSquadASWS ReturnoftheJedi
Red Squadron: A Star Wars Story Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

New Republic trilogy

WilloftheForce SotWhills
Star Wars: Will of the Force Star Wars: Secret of the Whills
Standalonefilm Featurefilm Featurefilm
Grand Master: A Star Wars Story Untitled Episode Untitled Episode

Legacy Saga

SWTLA Featurefilm TheLostOrder
Star Wars: The Light Awakens Untitled Episode Star Wars: The Lost Order
Featurefilm Balanceoftheforce Featurefilm
Untitled Episode Star Wars: Balance of the Force Untitled Episode

TV series

SWCloneWars StarWarsRebels SWUnderworld
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Star Wars: Rebels Star Wars: Underworld
OneArcs StarWarsLegacy SWOutsiders
Star Wars: One Arcs Star Wars: Legacy Star Wars: Outsiders
ToBeConfirmed ToBeConfirmed ToBeConfirmed
Untitled series Untitled series Untitled series


OldJediOrder Old Jedi Order OldRepublic Old Republic GalacticConfederacy Galactic Confederacy Nightsisters Order of Dathomir
RebelAlliance Rebel Alliance GalacticEmpire Galactic Empire SithOrder Order of the Sith
NewJediOrder New Jedi Order NewRepublic New Republic GalacticSenate Galactic Senate BountyHunters Union of Bounty Hunters
SithEmpire Sith Empire MandalorianEmpire Mandalorian Empire RAIS Galactic Alliance Droid Empire

Possible Titles

  • Star Wars: The Force Begins
  • Star Wars: The Dark Empire
  • Star Wars: The First Jedi
  • Star Wars: Fall of the Empire

Philanahembree Characters

Sorting through


  1. Chaplu
  2. Chiold
  3. Samcla
  4. Blaicyru
  5. Hudpryd
  6. Stedar
  7. Winkcry
  8. Edudam
  9. Sauctro
  10. Nicgann
  11. Waichi
  12. Charcamd
  13. Dursta
  14. Adanric
  15. Bracfarn
  16. Camdimi
  17. Burbave
  18. Ethefer
  19. Frangren
  20. Rashzain
  21. Cattrus
  22. Guadavi
  23. Heasha
  24. Sumwenh
  25. Rolbail
  26. Rounpen
  27. Ariedami
  28. Eggepee
  29. Guajahe
  30. Sherbud
  31. Jordstan
  32. Privcapp
  33. Natalf
  34. Penmas
  35. Jonabra
  36. Dunslec
  37. Roccarth
  38. Harlpai
  39. Arthwin
  40. Fortdun
  41. Seances
  42. Laisher

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