Lobot Nollis, also known simply as Lobot, was a male human who worked on Cloud City on the planet Bespin as an assistant to Lando Calrissian.

Over a decade before the Battle of Yavin, Lobot and Lando went on a secret mission aboard the Millennium Falcon, running numerous criminal jobs. During one job, the two were ambushed by Imperial forces, and Lobot was gravely wounded by an Imperial Guard. In his injured state, Lando decided to place the prototyped AJ6 Implant to store Lobot's mind while his body was repaired. While his body was healed, Lando discovered that Lobot's personality and memories were lost and his cybernetic implants. To keep him safe, Lando sent him to live on Cloud City, knowing his new implants could help the city and its operations.

Soon after loosing the Falcon to the smuggler Han Solo, Lando became the new Administrator of Cloud City. Remembering Lando as a trustworthy ally, Lobot went on to serve as his aide and chef. As the city's computer-liaison officer, his implants enabled him to communicate with the city's central network.

During the Empire's takeover of Cloud City, Lando ordered Lobot to gather their security forces to outflank the stormtroopers.

In 3 ABY, the Empire began a takeover of the city. Lando ordered Lobot to gather their security forces to outflank the stormtroopers. Although they successfully helped evacuate the city by rounding up the stormtroopers, the city soon fell to the Empire and Lobot was captured. Lando, Leia Organa and her allies escaped, but Lobot was captured.

Following the Empire's defeat at the Battle of Endor, Imperial Governors tightened his grip on the Anoat sector, home to Bespin, forming the Iron Blockade. Receiving support from the New Republic, Lobot fought to liberate his homeworld.

With the assistance of his AJ6 Implant

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